HeartKey® & STM32

FDA cleared EKG algorithms designed for low power, low memory footprint and available for easy integration to the STM32. HeartKey has been optimized and designed for a wide range of wearables and IoT devices, bringing medical grade accuracy to your Lead I dry electrode application. Accelerate time to market with a broad ECG feature set, rapid integration, and development support including guidance on dry electrode design and AFE optimization for highest levels of performance and accuracy.

Medical grade accuracy on Lead I dry electrode devices

Optimized for embedded systems (no cloud/post processing required)

FDA clearance for the HeartKey library

Broad feature set including User ID & Arrhythmia Detection

HeartKey® brings you our world class expertise in EKG combined with powerful, flexible integration and configuration possibilities to create your optimal product a suite of medical grade secure health and wellness EKG algorithms in designed to bring Lead I, dry electrode EKG to everyday consumer and IoT devices.

HeartKey® brings this world leading and unique capability in a library that can be embedded on ST’s range of MCUs including the STM32.

HeartKey® Algorithms

Heart Rate

Heart Rate Variability

Physiological Stress

Arrhythmia Detection

Signal Conditioning

User ID

Energy Expenditure

B-Secur is a software development and IP licensing company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland with over 50+ combined years in house expertise in developing EKG technology. We work with some of the largest wearable companies in the world to develop clinical grade EKG devices.

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*B-Secur has determined and verified that the FDA-CLEARED HEARTKEY® fits for customer intended use, environment or application and comply with any applicable standards and with all regulatory, safety and security related requirements concerning B-Secur’s products. All STs products, technologies, and solutions have been provided on “as is” basis. With respect to FDA-CLEARED HEARTKEY® software library, ST shall have no liability nor any indemnification obligations hereunder.