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Market Leaders in ECG Biometrics

We’re the only biometric on the market today that can not only quickly and securely verify identity, but turn heartbeat data into meaningful insights on fitness, stress and fatigue.

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Latest White Paper: ECG Biometrics for the Connected Car

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Securing the Connected World

We integrate our ECG biometric technology into leading devices and products

  • Fitness and performance insights on a wrist wearable
  • Driver monitoring and personalisation
  • Continuous authentication and safety in industrial spaces 
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10th August 2018

How Consumer Biometrics Are Moving into the Connected Car

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30th July 2018

Interview: B-Secur CSO Dr Alan Kennedy Receives PhD, 'We're Making Research the Backbone of Real World ECG Algorithms'

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25th July 2018

Analog Devices and B-Secur Collaborate on Biometric Authentication Technologies for the Automotive Industry

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