Advancing heart health technology

B-Secur is on a mission to save and improve millions of lives each year by advancing heart health technology that brings greater clarity to EKG interpretation with better data and deeper insights.

Dr Andrew Mitchell

Consultant Cardiologist, Jersey General Hospital

Heart rhythm conditions affect one in four adults, yet many have no awareness that they have a problem that could lead to stroke or heart failure. With the increasing availability of wearable and IoT devices, FDA cleared solutions like HeartKey® give patients and their doctors additional tools to detect these rhythms early.

Karthik Soundarapandian

Product Line Manager for Medical Imaging, Texas Instruments

The precision signal quality from the AFE4950-based hardware, combined with B-Secur’s algorithms, will help wearables manufacturers design solutions that make clinical-quality monitoring more accessible to a wider population.

Kris Ardis

Executive Director of the Microcontroller Business Unit, Maxim Integrated

B-Secur brings a rich suite of FDA-cleared health algorithms, and Maxim brings its small, low-power sensor hub microcontroller and EKG front end hardware components. The MAX32663A EKG biometric sensor hub and MAX30003 low power EKG sensor provide design engineers with a tiny, proven, quick path to integrate powerful EKG analysis features into their next wearable device.

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B-Secur is a global leader in EKG technology, trusted by world-leading semiconductor companies. Working directly with our experts who have a wealth of deep engineering knowledge enables you to significantly speed up time to market for your next generation medical or consumer device.

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Founded in Northern Ireland, we spent many years immersed in deep scientific research in EKG biometric security. This led us on a unique journey to develop heart health technology and drive better health outcomes for future generations.

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