B-Secur collaborates with Texas Instruments

The combination of HeartKey® and TI’s AFE4950 provides a fully integrated sensor, electrical and signal processing solution of medical-grade ECG/EKG monitoring for consumer wearable devices.

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B-Secur’s HeartKey® EKG/ECG Technology is FDA Cleared

The FDA cleared HeartKey® algorithms can be quickly and easily integrated in semiconductors for a broad range of devices in the consumer wellness, health monitoring and medical technology sectors.

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There are many things that make us the the best, here are a few

We're on a mission to revolutionise the way people experience technology in the connected world, everyday, by using their unique heartbeat.

Discover our powerful algorithm suite, HeartKey®, the fully validated, turnkey solution with FDA clearance which will ease integration reducing development time and costs as well as driving speed to market for end devices.

Discover HeartKey
B-Secur - HeartKey dashboard

B Secur’s Professional Services

Experts in ECG technology, B Secur's Professional Services can dramatically reduce development time and costs whilst gaining a competitive advantage.


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B-Secur collaborates with Texas Instruments

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