HeartKey® is a suite of powerful EKG algorithms and analytics providing breakthrough levels of medical accuracy and efficiency through enhanced signal clarity and a reduction in EKG signal noise, as well as delivering FDA-cleared health data with actionable wellness insights.

The EKG algorithms and analytics for both medical and consumer applications can be implemented to run on device or via the cloud through a Web API. The software connects to and enhances existing platforms and devices, such as wearables, Holter monitors and implantable devices delivering better data and improving remote monitoring capabilities.


The HeartKey® Algorithms

Discover the power of HeartKey®

Signal Processing Engine

HeartKey®’s intelligent and adaptive signal conditioning technology enables high accuracy EKG detection on both dry and wet electrodes in real time, forming the foundation of our more advanced algorithms.

Heart Rate Analytics

Heart rate is the number of times the heart beats per minute and is calculated through the precise localisation of the QRS complex and measuring the distance between each QRS complex.

HRV Analytics

HRV is a statistical measurement of the variation in time between each beat and is a powerful tool for analysing cardiac and physical health.

Arrhythmia Analysis

Building on the world-class Signal Conditioning and accurate Peak Detection stages, HeartKey® analyses incoming EKG and determines if an arrhythmia may be present.

Stress Analytics

HeartKey® continuously monitors your EKG and derives a quantitative measurement of your current stress state, enabling you to understand your body’s true state and take appropriate actions.


HeartKey®’s User ID can use your individual EKG to personalise and protect your physiological data. This enables more refined customer analytics capabilities for the user, reducing the risk of data corruption.

The Science Behind

HeartKey® was developed after 15 years of advanced scientific research into EKG technology and has a continuously developing EKG and vital signs roadmap.

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Why HeartKey®?

Unlock the power of EKG algorithms and analytics, ready to integrate into leading devices and systems, with HeartKey®.

Medical Grade Accuracy

HeartKey® is a major breakthrough in enhancing signal clarity and reducing EKG signal noise to assist clinicians in making faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Best in class performance

HeartKey® is validated against industry gold standards and is capable of consistent high performance on even the most challenging data.

Unique feature set

Widest feature set available which uniquely combines best in class algorithms in user ID, wellness and health.

Seamless Integration

The cloud-based or on-device software options provide flexibility and seamless integration into a wide range of existing platforms and devices.

Trusted partner

HeartKey® is FDA-cleared technology from B-Secur, a company trusted by some of the largest and most high-profile MedTech companies on the planet.

Elevates Existing Devices

HeartKey® empowers devices with increased functionality and improved signal quality with no extra tech required.

Greater Efficiency

Consistent signal noise performance time with HeartKey® enables better patient care by reducing the need for expensive repeat testing due to poor signal data.

Deeper Insights

HeartKey® unlocks deeper insights for healthcare professionals by simultaneously tracking a range of other key EKG health and wellness metrics.

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What’s included with HeartKey®?

B-Secur is committed to exceptional customer service and all products come with FAE support as standard.

The HeartKey licence fee includes tier wise and flat price models.

Universal ECG Processing

Algorithms with proven accuracy whilst maintaining compatibility with a wide range of devices and platforms

Secure, Flexible APIs

Easy to use API interface, utilising the latest cybersecurity methods for maximised security

Scalable Architecture

Modular architecture built on leading platforms that keeps up with your customer demand

Complete Control

A backend system with flexible integration options – use the features you want, in the way you want them

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