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A sophisticated biosensing algorithm company, B-Secur is on a mission to save and improve millions of lives around the globe by advancing heart health technology that brings greater clarity to EKG interpretation.


Development Commenced

Since the current iteration in 2015, B-Secur focussed on the development of its patented EKG algorithms for a range of uses.


HeartKey® Announced

B-Secur officially announced the HeartKey® 1.0 software library at CES, the most influential tech event in the world.


FDA Clearance

B-Secur received 510(k) FDA Clearance for the HeartKey® health algorithms; Signal Conditioning, Heart Rate and Arrhythmia Analysis.


Partnership Announcements

B-Secur announced its partnerships with world leading technology companies to offer end-to-end solutions for EKG technology.


ECG Dev Kit Launch

B-Secur launched an EKG hardware and software development kit to help technology companies fast-track the development of their EKG devices.


Small Tech Company of the Year

B-Secur won Digital DNA’s Small Tech Company of the Year award which recognises the outstanding small, indigenous company with less than 50 people employed.


New Funding

B-Secur raised US$12 million in funding to accelerate the commercial expansion within the U.S. in the Consumer and Medical industries.


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