Heart Rate

What is heart rate?

Heart rate is the number of times the heart beats in a minute, commonly expressed as beats per minute (BPM).

Heart rate is calculated through the precise localisation of the QRS complex and measuring the distance between each QRS complex (also referred to as R-R Intervals).

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Why is it useful to monitor heart rate?

Understanding your heart rate gives you one of the most common base insights into your body’s health.

Heart rate also offers useful analytics such as resting heart rate or heart rate zones.

Resting heart rate provides a good indication of general health and fitness levels. In healthy people, the daily resting heart rate should remain relatively stable, with changes occurring over a long period of time.

When resting heart rate starts to rapidly increase, this can indicate an abnormality caused by various things including poor sleep, an oncoming illness.

Why ECG heart rate?

The majority of devices on the market use photoplethysmography (PPG) alone to monitor heart rate.

PPG is an optical-based indirect measurement which detects pulse rate rather than true electrical response of the heart on the skin and can be prone to noise artefact interference when incorporated as a sensing technology in a wrist wearable.

With its direct measurement of the heart’s activity, ECG offers significantly greater accuracy.

At B-Secur, we have completed rigorous electrode and material testing to enable the signal supplied to our algorithms is of the highest possible quality. This high-quality raw ECG signal is then processed by HeartKey® Signal Conditioning and Peak Detection algorithms for a clean, accurate heart rate result.


HeartKey® Heart Rate algorithm complies with the medical ANSI EC57 and BS EN 60601-2-27 standard, and is included in the FDA cleared library. The performance validation is available under NDA.

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