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Wednesday November 16th, 2022

Cameron helping to facilitate B-Secur’s transition to medical

B-Secur has a reputation for evolving and innovating both in terms of the technology we are developing and as a fast-growing business.

Initially the business was geared towards the consumer sector but as we continue to scale there is a greater focus on the medical device industry. This focus has become sharper as the convergence between the consumer wearable and medical device industries continues to progress.

Hand-in-hand with this focus has been the development of B-Secur’s quality and regulatory systems.

A key part of the team is Cameron Moore who joined the company on Valentine’s Day and his work in helping B-Secur build the right internal infrastructure has been a labour of love ever since.


Cameron said: “I’m really enjoying working at B-Secur, the people are great, and the company feels like a really good match for me.

“I’ve been made to feel very welcome since day one and you can tell there is a culture of everyone working together towards one vision for the benefit of the company. From the top-down people are friendly and approachable.”

“There is also that flexibility of working between the office and home which is great as it provides the best of both options.”

Cameron, who graduated from Ulster University with Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering, joined B-Secur from Belfast medical technology company, Stryker where he was a Senior Quality Systems Specialist.

“I have knowledge of working in start-up companies who have expanded to work with global partners, so my experience can help B-Secur.”

Putting solid quality and regulatory procedures in place is a key focus for B-Secur as it moves more into the medical device space.

The first big step in this journey is getting certified to ISO13485 which is the Quality management systems standard for medical device manufacturers.

Cameron said: “This will be a key milestone for the company. It has taken a lot of work and is a massive undertaking for everyone. In many ways there has been a cultural change at the company to move into medical after we had been focused on consumer in the past.

“Our job is to put good structures in place which will help the company execute its strategy regarding medical.

“We recognise Rome wasn’t built in a day therefore we know this will always be a journey for us.

“As well as putting the procedures in place, our job also requires us to bring our people along on this journey. This is made easier as B-Secur has a good management structure in place with strong messaging which sets the tone from the top down.

“Staff can see the big picture and we can all work towards the same goal together.”