Welcome to the final article in our series on stress.

We've explored the impact of stress on the enterprise, and ways that technology can mitigate its effects.

If you’ve missed any of the series to date, allow us to recap on our highlights - and don’t miss the chance to download our brand new white paper on using ECG biometrics to measure and mitigate stress.

What is the Impact of Stress?

  • Stress is no longer to be viewed as a ‘soft’ ailment by businesses. Recent data reveals some startling real-world impacts of stress.
  • The New Economics Foundation analysing hospital admission data from 2016/​2017 discovered that there were 17,500 episodes where stress or anxiety was the primary cause for hospital admission.
    This led to 165,800 days where beds were occupied due to stress or anxiety, at a cost to the taxpayer of £71.1 million.
  • 526,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/​17 leading to 12.5 million working days lost.
Impact of stress infographic

Could ECG Biometrics and VR Help Mitigate Stress?

  • Combining the data insights of ECG biometrics with the immersive therapeutic benefits of VR could be invaluable.
  • We spoke to VR expert technologist and senior physician Dr Austin Gibbs about how VR is being used, and what the role of ECG biometrics could be.
  • We discovered that combining the controlled exposure to stress using VR while extracting vital health data using ECG biometrics could be truly significant in the fight against workplace stress.

ECG Biometrics and VR: the Fight Against Stress

"Bringing together this level of health insight with the results we are seeing with Immersion’s work using VR and AR to engage and educate healthy behaviours could be transformative."

Dr Austin Gibbs

Building a Healthy Workforce with ECG Monitoring

B-Secur HRD manager Caroline Murdoch shared more about creating healthy workplaces and made some practical recommendations from her first-hand experience, including:

  • Implementation of a Wellness Strategy.
  • Partnering with external organisations for specialised support.
  • Using ECG biometrics to help employees understand their stressors and supply them with vital information about their stress levels at work.
Caroline Murdoch HRD Manager

Monitoring Stress with ECG Biometrics

"For the individuals themselves and also for their respective employers, to be able to monitor these levels across their workforce is powerful in the context of managing stress at work."

Brand New White Paper

To conclude our series, we’ve created a brand new white paper, with expert input from consultant cardiologist Dr Andrew Mitchell.

“We are really excited to be working with B-Secur.

“This is a really exciting field of immersive health technology. Not only is it providing a fascinating insight into the complex ways that our autonomic nervous system functions, but is allowing us to develop new therapeutic interventions to help patients suffering from stress.”

Dr Andrew Mitchell

Measuring, Understanding and Mitigating Stress with ECG Biometrics

The paper explores:

  • Competing and complementary autonomic nervous systems which contribute to stress
  • A detailed understanding of their effects on the heart and the body and explores new ways to allow us to measure stress as a personalised variable.
  • How ECG biometrics can work to create a vital relative stress score, and where B-Secur's work is being used to develop new non-drug interventions on stress.
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