B-Secur has been featured in a great new article on inews.co.uk about how our ECG biometrics technology could help cut car theft and potentially save lives.

From the article, 'How health trackers could stop your car from being stolen':

'Everybody’s cardiac rhythm is unique, meaning that ECG systems can identify a person simply through their heartbeat. According to B-Secur’s CEO Alan Foreman, that means an ECG sensor fitted to a car could ensure it only opens and starts for selected people. With rising numbers of owners falling victim to keyless thefts, the biometric security system could help thwart the latest criminal approach.'


ECG Biometrics in Automotive

Enhancing Driver Safety and Security in a Heartbeat

Going Beyond with ECG Biometrics

B-Secur CEO Alan Foreman said:

"While biometric security has been around for a while, the main benefit of using cardio-tech is in its dynamism: eyes, fingerprints and other body parts used to identify people are static and so can really only be used for security whereas because your heart is dynamic it can provide so much more information."

Alan Foreman, B-Secur CEO

“The potential benefits of this technology reach in to every single part of the driver experience, from basic car settings – for example, seat height and position – to in-car entertainment, security, safety and even vital signs monitoring and assessing; drowsiness, fatigue and stress.”

You can catch the full article over i news.

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