Car HMi is one of Europe’s leading automotive design events, bringing together Europe’s top innovators in automotive HMI and UX.

We were privileged to join our partners Analog Devices at the event in Berlin, 27-29 June, to demo our ECG biometric technology in the automotive space.

The event was a great success for us and our partners, giving us the chance to showcase how our ECG solutions can enhance the future of driving.

What Was Our Solution?

We’ve packaged the power of ECG biometrics into algorithms that can be integrated into many devices and products for fast and secure authentication with health and wellness data insights - one of the only biometrics on the market to do so.

Embedding ECG Biometrics in the Automotive

We've worked with our partners at ADI to create a powerful new automotive application - integrating our technology into the steering wheel of a car for amazing new safety and security features, with vital health data unlocked.

With a simple touch, the car becomes a sophisticated health monitor.

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B-Secur steering wheel ECG biometrics

Our Insight into the Future of Car HMI

B-Secur senior system engineer Braj Srigengan tells us that the future of car HMI looks to be centred on driver monitoring systems:

“At Car HMi it was clear that driver monitoring is taking a front seat in automotive design.

“I was struck by the number of gesture control demos and that were quite a few eye tracking and face tracking demos. I also had some great conversations around emotion sensing and understanding the impact of design choices on the driver, which was exciting."

Braj Srigengan, B-Secur

“It was great to road test our technology to innovators in the automotive design space and get real-world feedback on what we are trying to do.

“I found that people were initially taken aback when presented with the concept of using ECG as a biometric modality, which was very interesting and tells me we are truly harnessing an emerging technology.

"Most people assumed we were using multiple sources to derive all our features, and were surprised when we said we could achieve them all with the same signal."

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Inspiring Car HMI Innovation with ECG Biometrics

It’s encouraging to know that we are creating new solutions for the future of driving that can inspire innovators and help us enhance driver safety and security.
Braj Srigengan, senior systems engineer

Award Runner-up: Most User Friendly HMI

We were also delighted to participate in the prestigious awards ceremony attached to the event.

Along with ADI and partners eyeSight, B-Secur was nominated in the Most User Friendly HMi and were delighted to be placed second in a close-run contest.

Car HMi award ceremony

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