At B-Secur, we believe in collaboration and community - in fact, encouraging our teams to share knowledge and work together is a big part of our success, which is why we're looking forward to joining the Startup Open House event in Toronto on 27th September.

Reza Fazeli from B-Secur's Toronto office will take part in this great event from 2:00pm - 4:00pm, ready to share more about B-Secur, our technology and culture, and will be available for Q&A about the powerful data science behind our ECG biometric solutions.

What is Startup Open House?

In the 2018 edition of this annual event, Startup Open House is partnering with Elevate to connect over 5,000 students, job-seekers, and young professionals to hundreds of innovative companies and startups across Toronto.

SOH opens the startup community to attendees from a very broad range of backgrounds to inspire future risk-takers and create a local community of support for innovative companies that are redefining Canadian entrepreneurship.

B-Secur Toronto

As a growing global business, we're proud to have boots on the ground in some of the most exciting and innovative cities in the world - and Toronto is no exception.

We're building a team of talented data scientists to push forward our work developing ECG biometric algorithms for not just authentication but meaningful insights on health and wellness.

Learn more about B-Secur and what we do.


Q&A with B-Secur's Reza Fazeli

Reza Fazeli is one of our leading data scientists, focused on developing world-class algorithms for verifying identity using ECG waveforms and beyond, to extracting heart health insights.

He is a University of Toronto graduate with a background in signal processing and numerical modelling. Before joining B-Secur, he was a researcher at the Keenan Research Centre in Toronto where he worked on personalised ventilation technology.

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