We're attending the 9th IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS 2018) in Los Angeles, California, October 22 to 25, 2018.

The top academic biometrics conference in the calendar year, this is an IEEE-sponsored event where researchers and industry leaders in biometrics converge to share new developments, techniques and knowledge developed in a variety of biometric modalities.

We're honoured to have been chosen to demo our unique ECG biometric steering wheel, demonstrating how we're using ECG biometrics to enhance the driving experience, for safety and personalisation.

Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at B-Secur, Peter Sam Raj, tells us more about why he’s looking forward to the conference and the opportunity to demo to the academic biometrics audience.

B-Secur: Leading the Biometric Industry with ECG

“BTAS is one of the best and, in my opinion, exciting academic conferences of our year.

“Typically, this conference attracts big industry players in biometrics who want to keep up to date with the bleeding edge of research in biometrics, or are already involved by sponsoring work by the research groups that present their publications.

“Some of these companies also have sessions where they demo their products. A big portion of the focus of the work and companies at BTAS is on face, fingerprints, iris, retina, and behavioural biometrics.

“I previously attended BTAS in 2014 as an author to present my work on ECG biometrics as part of my research at University of Toronto.

“ECG biometrics is represented quite sparsely in this conference and in biometrics conferences in general. In the year that I attended as an author, my paper was the only one on ECG. This trend hasn’t really changed, even though in the industry, a few companies have sprung up with commercial solutions to ECG biometrics."

Proving the ECG Automotive Use Cases

“As a leader in ECG biometrics solutions in the market, I’m really excited about demonstrating our technology at this conference. I'm certain it will have a big impact on the perception of ECG as a viable option in biometrics and will bring much attention to B-Secur among academia as well.

“The biggest concern researchers usually have with ECG is that many of them don’t believe it’s possible. Not only is it possible but I can demonstrate clearly how it works.

“I’ll be offering up live demos of our ECG biometric steering wheel, developed in partnership with Analog Devices.

“Integrating our technology into the steering wheel of a car has unearthed amazing new safety and security features, with vital health data unlocked.

“With a simple touch, the car becomes a sophisticated health monitor.”

B-Secur at CyberCon

Enhancing Driver Safety and Security in a Heartbeat

How B-Secur is Transforming the Driving Experience with ECG Biometrics

About Peter

Peter Sam Raj is responsible for algorithm research and development, development of scientific strategy and IP delivery. Previously, Peter worked as a Data Engineer at the Bank of Nova Scotia, and as a Big Data Developer at Bell Canada.

He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, and then from the University of Toronto with a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering where his research focused on developing new ECG biometrics algorithms.

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Peter Sam Raj, B-Secur

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