Could ECG biometrics help to prevent serious injury and reduce fatalities on our roads?

Road safety is a key priority for the European Commission (EC) with the news it intends to set out mandated technology safety features in new vehicles to reduce deaths and serious injuries on its roads.

Driver drowsiness and attention is an area of special interest and one we are excited to have an impact on.

B-Secur’s ECG biometric technology offers a powerful tool for monitoring the health and wellness of anyone behind the wheel, delivering key health data insights in real time, based on unique heart rate activity.

This unique activity also serves as a powerful identity authenticator and opens up an array of personalisation opportunities within connected vehicles. 

We're attending this year's Car HMi in Berlin, June 27-29,  joining our valued partners Analog Devices (ADI) on Stand 12, offering live demos of our technology in action in the automotive space.

Get acquainted with our tech and what we're working on before you go.

ECG Biometrics: Who You Are

ECG (also known as EKG) stands for electrocardiogram. It's a test that measures the electrical activity and rhythm of your heart to demonstrate how it's functioning.

Everyone’s cardiac rhythm is completely unique, which makes ECG a powerful metric to determine identity. 

This uniqueness arises from a range of factors, including the shape and size of the heart and its orientation and position within the body.

Unlike first generation external biometrics such as fingerprint, ECG offers inherently more security as an internal metric that is much more difficult to harvest or fraudulently recreate.

Harnessing ECG Biometrics

We’ve packaged the power of ECG biometrics into algorithms that can be integrated into many devices and products for fast and secure authentication with health and wellness data insights - one of the only biometrics on the market to do so.

Woman holding steering wheel embedded with ECG biometrics

ECG in the Automotive Space

We've worked with our partners at ADI to create a powerful new automotive application - integrating our technology into the steering wheel of a car for amazing new safety and security features, with vital health data unlocked.

With a simple touch, the car becomes a sophisticated health monitor.

Automotive biometrics | B-Secur

How It Works

The ECG signal is collected from the driver via prototype electrodes on the steering wheel itself. The signal is then captured via an ECG Analogue Front End (AFE).

A high performance AFE is recommended for ECG analysis due to the small signal amplitude at the hands. Typically, the voltages seen are around 0.5 to 2 mV.

The AFE amplifies the signal and filters out noise to isolate the relevant information, at which point the signal is digitised and passed to B-Secur's ECG biometric algorithms.

Europe on the Move - Safe, connected and clean mobility

25,300 people lost their lives on EU roads in 2017 and another 135,000 were seriously injured. 90% of crashes are linked to human error.
- European Commission

ECG Insights for Driver Safety

Vital health data insights are unearthed, including:

  • Drowsiness
  • Heart rate
  • Stress
  • Cardiac insights

Armed with these insights, the in-car environment can make intelligent, data-based suggestions to enhance safety.

Imagine the impact of the vehicle being able to:

  • Suggest a rest break before the driver becomes fatigued
  • Make recommendations on improving the environment, e.g. soothing music or lowering the temperature
  • Alert the driver to seek help if dangerous cardiac patterns are detected

Personalising the In-Car Experience

ECG biometrics could be also be used to trigger user-based settings, creating a tailored dashboard for an individualised in-vehicle experience.

Secure, keyless ignition

The experience could begin with unlocking the vehicle with a smartphone or wearable device, negating the need for a key.

Once in, the engine is started using biometric sensors located on the steering wheel.

Personal settings

These sensors load the user's personal profile into the vehicle, adjusting the environment to their preference and connecting their devices.

Seamless payment connectivity

By authenticating and identifying the user, we can enable the vehicle itself to be a payment device, facilitating faster payments through fuel courts, drive thrus and toll gates.

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