We're proud of our Belfast-based roots, and of being a local company with global reach.

Our relationship with Catalyst is an important part of our journey.

Catalyst is bringing together a connected community of like-minded innovators in an entrepreneurial eco-system, driving a powerful knowledge economy in Northern Ireland.

B-Secur CEO Alan Foreman was asked to share more about our experiences of establishing a world-class technology company in Belfast and why our technology base will always be here, even as we grow our global footprint.


"B-Secur is a biometric technology company and we utilise the human heartbeat to put that into all sorts of other technologies.

"There's two primary areas that we're focused on right now - automotive and health."

B-Secur CEO Alan Foreman

"In the automotive space we're building our technology into the steering wheels of the world's leading manufacturers of cars.

"In healthcare, we're building our technology into wrist-worn devices and even clothing to help bring health to the home.

Our Growth

"Now we're an investment-led company. In the early days we got some private investment and latterly we've got institutional venture capital investment.

"Actually we've raised the most in Northern Ireland for the last two consecutive years of any venture based company.

"In the digital world you can go after truly global markets and that's what we've chosen to do.

"I went out four years ago to find a base for B-Secur throughout a European search and we landed here in Northern Ireland.

"Catalyst became the obvious choice and I think four years on it has proven really absolutely correct for us to have our talent here to build our technology here. The ecosystem support we get is phenomenal and even better than it was when we started here."

Leading Northern Irish Investment

Actually we've raised the most investment in Northern Ireland for the last two consecutive years of any venture-based company.
Alan Foreman, B-Secur CEO

Belfast - the New Health Tech Hub

"The talent that's coming out of the two universities is second to none and we've compounded all of our technology resources into Northern Ireland so this remains our headquarters.

"We might have a sales force and commercial operations overseas but our technology base will always be here.

"We're massive fan of what Catalyst do throughout Northern Ireland. I think we'll all be better together and if the companies in Northern Ireland can get together, they can truly dominate the way other pockets such as Dublin or Bristol or Edinburgh have done in the past - for health tech in particular."

Global Data Quality

Catalyst also spoke to data research manager Holly Easlea to learn more about our robust data collection, that underpins the quality of our algorithm development.

Data research manager Holly Easlea

"We work with global companies that give us data from their hardware.

"We also go to trade shows and work with worldwide companies, collecting data in different environments to ensure that our data isn't biased. This ensures we have a global range of data to work with."

B-Secur x Catalyst

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