The Cybersecurity Lesson in the Equifax Data Breach

Data on a screen

One of the largest data breaches ever recorded was revealed this week, as credit company Equifax announced it had fallen victim to a cyber attack that may have compromised the personal data of a staggering 143 million US customers.

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The Growing Biometrics Market

Whether you buy into biometric technology for authentication and security or to monitor your health and well-being, there’s no denying that the biometric market is only set to increase as more opportunities are identified.

For the banking, financial services and insurance industry (BFSI), it is anticipated that the global biometrics market will witness a growth of 20 percent by 2020.  Read more

B-Secur Named in Global ECG Biometric Technology Market 2017 Report

B-Secur in latest biometric market research

A new report has revealed B-Secur to be a global player in the ECG biometric technology market 2017.

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