Can We Go Beyond Authentication with Biometrics?

Wearable wrist device

TouchID, FaceID and the rise of voice recognition have all helped to bring biometric authentication methods to the fore.

As we become more and more accustomed to connected devices, services and even places, the public appetite for more sophisticated security methods grows.

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The Cybersecurity Lesson in the Equifax Data Breach

Data on a screen

One of the largest data breaches ever recorded was revealed this week, as credit company Equifax announced it had fallen victim to a cyber attack that may have compromised the personal data of a staggering 143 million US customers.

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Cyber Security Second Biggest Threat to Business, Say UK CEOs

PwC CEO Survey - Cybersecurity

PwC’s 20th CEO Survey has revealed that cybersecurity is a huge concern for UK CEOs, more so than their counterparts globally.

76% of UK CEOs declared cybersecurity to be a threat, second only to the digital skills gap.

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