Multimodal Biometrics – Why Your Heart is Key

Wearable device on wrist

While automated biometric authentication solutions are relatively recent advancements, the desire to identify others by physical attributes is an innate human instinct. We’ve been using faces, voices and gait to distinguish between those we know and those we don’t since our earliest recorded history.

From this, to how our physicality interacts with technology today is an impressive journey.

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Could Visa Take Biometric Authentication into Mainstream Banking?

Eye scanning

An interesting development in the adoption of biometric authentication this week with the news that Visa has launched a platform that will enable banks and their technology partners to build biometric solutions into their products.

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Your Five Minute Biometric Briefing This Week

Facial recognition

Biometric technologies are constantly evolving as we seek out newer and better ways to secure our digital world.

We’ve seen a few interesting highlights from the past seven days that can help keep you up to speed.

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