Executive Summary

This white paper from research and consulting company Goode Intelligence (GI) explores how ECG biometric technology can be leveraged by the automobile industry for a range of use cases that include identification, authentication and health, wellness and wellbeing.

The first wave of consumer biometric technology adoption has seen billions of smart mobile devices (SMDs) shipped with embedded biometric sensors – predominantly fingerprint sensors but an increasing number with other biometric modalities.

Welcome to the second wave, where biometrics are are embedded into devices and products, for smart, connected service delivery.

ECG biometrics in particular shows exciting promise to transform the future of driving, offering health and wellness insights that could make our roads safer, and beyond, to personalising the in-car experience.

ECG biometrics has the potential to transform cars into smart, connected devices that know who we are and, crucially, how we are.

Find out how - and where B-Secur sits in the landscape.

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