The Science Behind ECG

We believe the science behind what we do is the cornerstone of our business. That's why we've invested over 15 years in deep scientific research, securing the feasibility of ECG.

We work closely with leading cardiologists and sports scientists and have hired best-in-class researchers, engineers and software developers to advance ECG biometrics for a range of exciting commercial applications.

Here's how we're harnessing the power of ECG.

Measuring ECG

Understanding ECG

The ECG is a record of the bioelectrical activity during a heartbeat.

The bioelectric source arises during the heart’s electrical excitation process to produce a flow of electric current in the surrounding tissues, detectable with a pair of electrodes external to the heart.

The signal has several distinct features – the P wave, the QRS complex and the T wave – which make up the PQRST complex.

Variations in these signals provide a wealth of physiological information as well as providing a unique pattern per person.

Connecting Your Heart

These unique characteristics make the ECG an incredibly valuable signal to enable new and secure insights in wellness and health.

We're harnessing the power of ECG, to empower a range of features, ready to be integrated into products and services.

Explore our algorithms now.

ECG signal quality

HeartKey® Signal Conditioning

HeartKey®’s intelligent and adaptive signal conditioning technology enables high accuracy ECG detection, the foundation to our advanced algorithms.

Many standard ECG waveform detectors are unable to detect noise or mistake it for valid heartbeats, impacting the performance of accurate physiological measurements.

HeartKey® Heart Rate

Heart rate is calculated through the precise localisation of the QRS complex and measuring the distance between each QRS complex (also referred to as R-R Intervals).

HeartKey®’s Heart Rate algorithm complies with the medical ANSI EC57 standard, for a wide range of health insights.

HeartKey® Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

HRV is a powerful tool for analysing cardiac and physical health and is a key input into many advanced algorithms including stress.

HeartKey’s® Heart Rate Variability algorithm complies with the medical ANSI EC13 and EC38 standard.

HeartKey® Physiological Stress

Your body exhibits several well known symptoms in response to stress, one of which is a change in the ECG.

HeartKey® continuously monitors your ECG and derives a quantitative measurement of your current stress state, enabling you to understand your body’s true state and
take appropriate actions.


HeartKey® Energy Expenditure

The HeartKey® algorithm takes in information about a user’s age, height, weight etc. and calculates the calories burned over a period of time.

Understanding your expenditure and balancing it against your food intake is the most reliable way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

HeartKey® User ID


HeartKey®’s User ID uses your individual ECG to protect physiological data, with refined customer analytics capability.


As the ECG is a continuous live signal, this enables Heartkey® to accurately determine true user presence.

Learn More About ECG Biometrics

  • How can ECG biometrics act as a catalyst to unlock deep, data-driven insights into health and wellness?
  • What could that tell us about individuals?
  • Can heartbeat data can go beyond telling us who individuals are to how they are?

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