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Protecting Workers Using ECG Biometrics

Culture at B-Secur

Could ECG Biometrics Help in the Fight Against Obesity?

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New White Paper: Measuring, Understanding and Mitigating Stress with ECG Biometrics

Free White Paper: ‘Connecting Your Heart’

White Paper: ECG Biometrics for the Connected Car

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RELEASE: £4m Investment for B-Secur from ADV and Kernel Capital

BBC Radio 4 Visit B-Secur

Release: B-Secur Confirms Your Identity and Measures Your Health via Advanced Auto Steering Wheel and Wearable Technology

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B-Secur at Car HMI USA, 28-30 April

B-Secur at Biometric Summit New York 2019

The Wearable Technology Show 2019: Alan Foreman Presents the Future of Secure Health Monitoring

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Embedded Software Engineer, Nathan Steenson, "Changing the way we define health and security, is something I really enjoy being a part of"

B-Secur CCO Ben Carter: "A Successful Journey in the Startup World is a Privilege"

Head of Product Braj Srigengan: "Our Signal Conditioning accurately extracts information where other ECG signals have failed"