User ID

Why ECG user identification?

ECG as an identifier has many benefits that enhance the security of your existing systems:

  • Inherent liveness detection
  • Internal biometric
  • Continuous Authentication
  • Cardiac Alerts and other physiological measurements
  • Flexible Deployment within multi modal systems

HeartKey® User ID uses your individual ECG to identify you, gives early insight of heart conditions and protects your physiological data. This enables more refined customer analytics for the user, reducing the risk of data corruption.

What is biometric authentication?

Biometrics are biological and/or behavioural characteristics of a person, which can be used in a system to recognise someone from those characteristics.

First-generation biometric modalities such as face, fingerprint, iris, and voice have been widely used for many years, however the world has moved towards the next generation of biometrics.

ECG as a next generation biometric

A human’s ECG is varied due to a range of factors including the size and shape of the heart, the position within the chest and the conductive properties of the torso.

Each time the heart beats, an electric signal is generated. Within this complex waveform exists a myriad of information unique to the individual.

This variability between humans and their individual heartbeats can be understood by two states:

  • Inter-variability: Each individual’s waveform will be different to another, like a fingerprint. In terms of an ECG, this occurs as each individual will have differing heart geometry as well as individual attributes such as age and weight. This variability is what can be used to identify people and protect their data.
  • Intra-variability: This is the variation of the ECG within a subject. Each heartbeat of an individual forms a different signal which can be caused by many factors including posture, emotional state, and ageing. This variability provides features like stress and arrhythmia detection.

Each individual’s waveform will be different to another (inter-variability), like a fingerprint, but more than that, each heartbeat also forms a different signal (intra-variability).

These variations provide a unique pattern per person which allows HeartKey® to know who you are and how you are.


HeartKey® User ID algorithm complies with the ISO/IEC 19795-1 and ISO/IEC 19795-2 standard. The performance validation is available under NDA.
B-Secur ECG biometrics

Biometrics is considered one of the strongest options among existing user authentication techniques due to its six main characteristics...

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