What is HeartKey®?

HeartKey® is a suite of powerful ECG/EKG algorithms and analytics for user identification, health and wellness, ready for integration into leading devices and systems.

HeartKey® brings you our world class expertise in ECG/EKG combined with powerful, flexible integration and configuration possibilities to create your optimal product, with a competitive edge.

The Science behind HeartKey®

Why HeartKey®

Medical grade accuracy

ECG/EKG has been almost exclusively used in the medical industry; through it's advanced Signal Conditioning technology, HeartKey® provides world leading medical grade accuracy.

Best in class performance

HeartKey® is validated against industry gold standards and is capable of high performance on even the most challenging data

Broad feature set

Widest feature set available which uniquely combines best in class algorithms in user ID, wellness and health.

Turnkey solution

HeartKey® provides a turnkey solution that quickly integrates into your product reducing your development time and costs whilst gaining a competitive advantage.

Highly scalable - on device and cloud

The real time implementation enables the flexible deployment of HeartKey® into any customer architecture, there are no constraints.

HeartKey® Algorithms

Signal Conditioning (FDA Cleared)

HeartKey® intelligent and adaptive signal conditioning technology enables high accuracy ECG/EKG detection on dry electrodes in real time, forming the foundation of our more advanced algorithms.

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Heart Rate (FDA Cleared)

Heart rate is the number of times the heart beats per minute (BPM) and is calculated through the precise localisation of the QRS complex and measuring the distance between each QRS complex.

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Heart Rate Variability

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a statistical measurement of the variation in time between each beat and is a powerful tool for analysing cardiac and physical health.

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Arrhythmia Analysis (FDA Cleared)

Building on the world class Signal Conditioning and accurate Peak Detection stages, HeartKey® analyses incoming ECG/EKG and determines if an arrhythmia may be present.

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Physiological Stress

HeartKey® continuously monitors your ECG/EKG and derives a quantitative measurement of your current stress state, enabling you to understand your body’s true state and take appropriate actions.

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User ID

HeartKey® User ID can use your individual ECG/EKG to personalise and protect your physiological data. This enables more refined customer analytics capabilities for the user, reducing the risk of data corruption.

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Energy Expenditure

The HeartKey® Energy Expenditure algorithm takes in a user’s physiological parameters and calculates the calories burned over a period of time.

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HeartKey® has a continuously developing ECG and vital signs roadmap.

For more information or details on how you can integrate our unique suite of algorithms into your next generation products, please contact us on info@b-secur.com

ECG Science from B-Secur

Professional Services

Historically, producing high quality, low noise ECG/EKG signals from dry electrodes has been a challenge for many product manufactures and industries.

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