Connecting a World of Data

Imagine a world where you can

  • Demonstrate who is at the wheel of a vehicle, and their state - at any time
  • Access ECG monitoring at home, every day, for medical monitoring outside a clinical setting
  • Demonstrate who you are, where you are and how you are for the connected worker
ECG biometric smartwatch

We're doing this, and more, with HeartKey®.

Connecting Your Heart

We have developed a suite of powerful ECG algorithms and analytics for user identification, wellness and health, ready for integration into leading devices and systems.

Connecting Our World

HeartKey® brings you our world class expertise in ECG combined with powerful, flexible integration and configuration possibilities to create your optimal product, with a competitive edge.

Explore the science behind HeartKey

HeartKey® is empowering everyone to manage their health and their lives all day, every day. From automotive to wearables, get inspired by our tech in action

The real time implementation enables the development of HeartKey into a wide range of use cases:

HeartKey for automotive


Enhancing driver safety and personalisation with ECG biometric security embedded into a vehicle’s steering wheel

  • In cabin personalisation
  • Driver vital signs monitoring
  • Car insurance
  • Smart and connected cities
  • Health and wellness analytics


Discreet sensors monitor the electrical activity of the heart harnessing vital health data

  • Hospital at home
  • Enterprise health monitoring
  • Consumer health and wellness
  • Health insurance
  • Logical access


ECG for industry

Smart Clothing

Smart fabric and connected garments help to identify potential health and wellness irregularities. 

  • Hospital at home
  • Enterprise health monitoring
  • Blue light workers
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Logical access


Biometric solutions can address the challenge of age controls and real time vital monitoring of the player. 

  • Biofeedback for better game immersion
  • Player ID
  • Player health and wellness data - domestic use and Esports
ECG Science from B-Secur

The Science Behind

We've invested in over 15 years of deep scientific research with leading cardiologists, software experts and world class engineers to develop our ECG algorithms.

Explore the science behind our technology