Professional Services

Historically, producing high quality, low noise ECG signals from dry electrodes has been a challenge for many product manufactures and industries. 

By taking advantage of B-Secur's Professional Services, you can drastically reduce your development time and costs while gaining a competitive advantage.

With our expertise in ECG technology, we efficiently and effectively identify areas of improvement through detailed system analysis and data validation, ensuring the best possible system performance that meet your product requirements.

Electrode Material Research

  • Deep research into key physiological and electrochemical mechanisms governing ECG signal acquisition
  • Provide assistance with optimum electrode size and shape requirements for customers skin location
  • Through ongoing material studies, B-Secur can characterise customer electrode material choices or help to identify alternative materials to meet specific requirements

Hardware Design Expertise

With 50+ combined years of design experience, B-Secur have nurtured close partnerships with leading ECG AFE suppliers. Which enables our experts to advise on a range of areas to ensure the best possible system performance, including; AFE selection, configuration and setup, optimisation of AFE to electrodes and AFE hardware verification.

Data Analysis

B-Secur have established a dedicated team of highly skilled data analysts capable of formulating effective methods of data and robust algorithm testing in relation to User ID, including conformity to ISO 19795.

We work closely with a number of external organisations, including: NPL, CSIT and The Government of Jersey General Hospital.

Data Validation

To support accurate and efficient validation of HeartKey® and ECG systems, we can advise on:

  • Single/Multi session collection
  • Clinical trials
  • Specific use case data collection
  • Device certification support

System Analysis

We can also carry out feasibility analysis on existing or prototype systems:

  • Signal integrity
  • Statistical modelling
  • Detailed performance reports

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