A Full Solution Stack for Accelerating ECG Development

ECG development can be complex. It requires expertise across a range of areas however, gaining sufficient expertise in house takes time and money.

HeartKey®'s ECG Development Kit can fast track your ECG development.

The Features

Electrode Guides

B-Secur have compiled the years of expertise in ECG Dry Electrode theory into an easy to understand guide that helps you understand the key requirements and parameters.

Electrode Development Test Jig

The electrode development test jig takes the years of expertise in B-Secur and creates a simple to use apparatus that you can use in your own lab.

ECG HW Design Guide

The Hardware Design Guide provides the 'What' and 'Why' for AFE specifications, focusing on the key metrics needed for picking the best AFE for your product.

HeartKey Signal Analysis App

The App provides the System Test, a configurable test mode that accounts for variations in test protocols to provide repeatable and comparable metrics automatically and provides downloadable report.

SW Library of Algorithms

HeartKey offers the widest feature set available which uniquely combines best in class algorithms in user ID, wellness and health. It includes FDA cleared ECG algorithms with the ability to detect low amplitude and high skin impedance subjects.

SW Guide

The SW Guide ensures minimal effort in incorporating ECG technology into your product. It contains information on topics like:

  • APIs & Datatypes
  • Example Workflows
  • Use Case Specific App Notes

Access to Global Experts

The ECG Development Kit includes a dedicated Training Workshop as well as ongoing 24hr support.

For more details on how you can purchase the ECG Development Kit, please contact us using the form below

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