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Wednesday June 29th, 2022

“B-Secur is the only place I want to be”

Project Management Director Alicja Buchar celebrates her first anniversary

“I can clearly remember the vibe during the interview. It was so welcoming, I immediately felt that I fitted in and since joining B-Secur I know this is the only place I want to be.”

These are the words of B-Secur’s Project Management Director, Alicja Buchar who is celebrating her first anniversary with our heart health technology company this week.

Alicja brought over 12 years of project management experience with her when she joined B-Secur last June as Project Management Lead.

She made an immediate impact, moving to the technology team in March and being promoted to Project Management Director. The promotion came after Alicja delivered some significant business and customer projects and built long-lasting internal and external relationships.

Originally from Poland, Alicja joined B-Secur from one of Northern Ireland’s largest employers, where she spent almost five years as Global Project Leader managing worldwide clinical trials for Almac.

Prior to that she was a continuous improvement lead with vast experience in the areas of managing complex transformational change, organisation design, developing high-performance cultures and driving diversity and inclusion.


Alicja now oversees R&D, Business and Customer projects at B-Secur, managing organisational change and design. She is a passionate leader, adept in the administration of multimillion-dollar budgets, with extensive project management experience across the manufacturing, clinical, technology and business industries.

She said: “I love to challenge myself which is why I moved to the tech sector. Working for B-Secur is demanding and challenging but it really works for me. We have such amazing teams who are passionate about what they are doing and as I was learning the role I found that they are all really happy to share their knowledge.

“There is a special atmosphere at B-Secur which can be hard to explain, but the result is that you really want to do your best for the team. The attitude to new employees is amazing, I remember feeling so welcomed, firstly by Caroline Murdoch our People Director and then by everyone else.”

Alicja had no reservations about moving from a firmly established company to one which was very much in scale-up mode.

“I was aware of the challenge but for me it is exciting to be learning so much. The technology B-Secur is developing is cutting edge and being part of it couldn’t be more rewarding. I am so proud of how much we have achieved in one year. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for B-Secur. With such a talented team the opportunities are endless.

“Our management team has a clear vision for the future, but we are also a company which is very open to ideas and everyone’s voice is listened to and their input valued.

“Within my role I work across all departments, and I see at first hand the collaboration which goes on across the teams. It is very inspiring to see and when people visit B-Secur this is one of the things they notice.”

When Alicja took up her new role one of her first tasks was to learn the technology and build her new team.

“There is a great culture of sharing knowledge in B-Secur. I couldn’t have done it without Dave Jardine, Braj Srigengan, Mark Lilburn, Rebecca Funston, Tony Coulter, and Alex Gibson to name a few. Caroline Murdoch and Adrian Condon were so supportive in helping me with the recruitment process. It was important to me that we got the right people in place and thanks to a real team effort we have managed to do that. I am so impressed with our new hires Emma Dunlop and Gavin Calwell. I can’t wait to see how they will grow with us.

“B-Secur is continuing to scale up and we have positions available. My advice to anyone interested in joining is to be open-minded and be ready to learn. Don’t join because the tech sector is considered a cool place to work, instead join because you want to learn and grow in your own career as the company continues to develop. At B-Secur you can make a real difference and potentially save lives.

“Be ready for challenges and going outside of your comfort zone but equally be ready to work alongside some brilliant and very supportive people. You will discover a lot about yourself and your capabilities with all the support B-Secur offers to their employees.

“If you look at the company itself, our technology was being used in the consumer wearables sector but we are now also focussed on medical devices. The sky really is the limit with B-Secur and I am very glad to be part of the team.”