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Thursday March 24th, 2022

New engineers, product and Android developers join B-Secur

We are excited to introduce some of our newest team members, Adam, Toni, Matthew and Will! We are proud to welcome you to our growing team and look forward to seeing what this next professional chapter has in store for each of you.


Adam Earle
Android Developer

  • Avid guitarist with 10+ years experience
  • Can solve a rubik’s cube
  • Moved out to the country from the city with my partner and cat Charlie to enjoy the quiet life

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
My role in B-Secur is to develop Android applications for phones, tablets and wearables. This process involves writing code in Kotlin, reviewing code, writing tests, reviewing documentation and designs as well as collaborating with other team members.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
When I joined B-Secur I felt it was very welcoming and friendly. Then in my first few weeks I noticed how well structured and organised everything is.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I’m looking forward to developing my knowledge of Android, including Kotlin, Jetpack Compose and Wear OS and to build products than can help people live a healthy life.


Toni Rodriguez
Product Owner

  • Electronic Systems Engineering Masters Degree from Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV)
  • Born in Valencia (Spain) but moved to Ireland in 2019 looking for new challenges
  • I love being outdoors, especially if it’s by the sea. I like free-diving, surfing, wild-camping, climbing and more

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
As a Product Owner, I’m responsible for defining goals and creating a vision for B-Secur’s products, understanding and anticipating the customer’s needs to more effectively manage the product development process.

I translate the high-level product vision into more detailed requirements that can be implemented by the development teams, while trying to maximise the product value. It’s a very communicative role, I’m in constant talks with the product stakeholders and the development teams discussing the product design and requirements.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
Everyone has been very welcoming and supportive from day one. I’m grateful to have the opportunity of working in an environment where everyone is so passionate about their work.

Although these are busy times in B-Secur, the atmosphere is very relaxed. You can feel that the employee wellbeing and work-life balance are top priorities for the company. I love the fact that the technology that we are developing will have a direct impact on people’s health.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I’m looking forward to continue growing at a professional and personal level, while doing my bit to help the B-Secur team achieve the goals. I’m keen to develop new skills, gain more responsibility and explore non-technical areas such as business development.

I am thrilled to have joined this amazing team!


Matthew Gregg
Graduate Software Engineer

  • Mechanical Engineering Master’s Degree and Software Development Master’s Degree from Queen’s University.
  • I love the outdoors and am a kayaker and archer. Just before the pandemic I hiked the Mournes seven highest peaks in one day for cancer research.
  • I’m currently trying to master making the perfect pizza dough for our wood-fired pizza oven!

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
I’m in B-Secur’s Embedded Software Team and the App and Cloud Team. My job is working on the HeartKey® library which involves writing code, writing tests and reviewing code to improve the quality of the software.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
B-Secur is very warm and welcoming! I’m very impressed with how quickly the company is growing, and how it’s expanding into new areas of consumer wellness technology.

I’ve always been interested in medical devices and I’m excited to now be working on cutting-edge technology in the health and wellness sector.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I’m looking forward to getting more experience with the languages and frameworks used at B-Secur, especially in C/C++. Good teamwork is also a key part of success, and I’m eager to get to know and work with all of the B-Secur team.

I am thrilled to be a part of such an innovative company!


Will McMullan
Embedded Software Engineer

  • Software and Electronics Systems Engineering Honours Degree from Queen’s University
  • I enjoy spending free time outdoors in activities such hiking, bike rides and kayaking.
  • Since the end of last year, I have been attempting to train an over energetic & mischievous little cockapoo.

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
I am an Embedded Software Engineer in B-Secur. My job involves designing and developing software libraries based on B-Secur’s ECG algorithms. It includes enhancing the software for efficiency, quality and integrating it into the hardware.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
I first heard of B-Secur at a presentation in Queen’s in approx. 2015 and again in 2019 for a university project. On both occasions, I was really impressed with how fresh and innovative the technology was. I was amazed at how much B-Secur had grown and achieved in such a short time frame.I thought moving to a new company in the current climate would be really challenging as in-person interactions would be either limited or non-existent.  Since joining the company, I have been really encouraged by how welcoming and supportive the whole team have been. The inductions performed by managers across the company have been effective in helping new starts become integrated into the company. I very quickly felt like part of the team and look forward to building rapport with other members of the company whom I am yet to meet.I joined the company in January and in that time, I feel I have dramatically expanded my knowledge and skillset.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I’m keen to see and take advantage of the opportunities that arise here at B-Secur. I’m also keen to see how the company contributes to the advancement of technology applications in the future.I’m looking forward to progressing within my role, becoming more efficient and effective.  I look forward to visualising how my contributions have gone towards achieving company goals and projects.



Thank you to Adam, Toni, Matthew and Will for taking time to sit down with us and share their experience, knowledge and impressions of B-Secur.