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Wednesday April 13th, 2022

Interview with Validation Team Lead Jordan Diven

Introducing our next interviewee in our ongoing look at the people behind the B-Secur brand – Verification Team Lead, Jordan Diven. Jordan, who joined the team back in February 2021, shares his journey in B-Secur from Data Analyst to Validation Team Lead as well as insight into what validation involves on a daily basis.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, Jordan

I am a biomedical engineering graduate with a keen interest in solving problems in the medical space with technology. Having played football competitively for over 15 years I have developed a great interest in physical fitness and applying technology to health and wellness.

Can you tell us more about your professional background?
I completed a MEng degree in biomedical engineering at University of Glasgow with a study year at National University of Singapore. I completed my masters project in neurorehabilitation engineering working with EEG. I started working at Randox Laboratories in 2020 working in the covid testing labs before starting my career at B-Secur in February 2021.


You started as a Data Analyst before moving to Validation Lead, can you share some detail about your journey at B-Secur?
I started as a data analyst in February 2021 in which I developed programming and general problem solving skills as well as developing a good understanding of what B-Secur technology has to offer. As the team began to expand I moved into a team lead role where I assist and give guidance to our team of data analysts and validation engineers.


From resolving day-to-day issues, including customers’ technical enquiries, to supplier and assembly queries, and general quality issues where do you find the most challenges?
The most challenging aspect of being a validation engineer at B-Secur is the fact that we are working at the cutting edge of our field and there is often no previous literature that we can base ideas off. This is also the fun part – as we can be creative and we have the chance to do things no one has done before!


Can you share some detail on what validation in B-Secur involves?
Validation involves testing the performance, accuracy and reliability of both software algorithms and end user devices. Final validation of an end user device gives insight into how well the device performs its intended use and whether it is acceptable to be launched onto the market.


When is the best time to consider validation in product development?
I believe it is effective to have multiple validation stages throughout product development. This way issues can be flagged early therefore saving time and money on the development of a product with an issue that may not be solvable.