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Friday October 23rd, 2020

Enterprise Stress Management Using EKG Monitoring

Before Covid-19, the option to work from home may have excited some office dwellers—no commute, a comfortable setting, and the ability to schedule your work day around other responsibilities. But given the realities of doing so amid the pandemic, working from home has lost its appeal for many people.

In 2018/2019, prior to Covid-19’s unprecedented arrival, there were an estimated 602,000 cases of work-related stress in Great Britain. This resulted in the shocking figure of 12.8 million working days lost. The current pandemic has unsurprisingly had a global impact on the physiological stress of individuals; with a loss of work, job vulnerability, economic downturn and any subsequent household financial difficulties fueling a consequential mental health epidemic.


Alarmingly, 56% of employees said that they felt ‘more anxious and stressed’ about work than they did before the pandemic.

LinkedIn and the Mental Health Foundation 2020


What is the Impact of Stress Across the Enterprise?

Measuring and tracking stress levels could provide both employees and organisations with vital insight into key times or situations where stress levels are affected to allow for a deeper understanding about any associated impact on performance or productivity.

Whilst we continue to battle the virus, business closures and redundancy figures accelerate globally. This economic uncertainty raises employee anxiety and stress. However, increasing levels of workforce stress do not go unnoticed by business leaders, who are concerned for their employee welfare with 47% of managers worried that their employees are at risk of burnout. 

In order to effectively tackle workforce stress, nurture productivity, financial stability and organisational success, business’s must actively monitor and act upon employee stress levels. B-Secur’s HeartKey® continuously monitors your EKG and derives a quantitative measurement of your current stress state, enabling you to understand your body’s true state and take appropriate actions.