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Friday June 10th, 2022

B-Secur proud to ‘Get to the HEART of Arrhythmias’

B-Secur is proud to be sponsoring this year’s World Heart Rhythm Week (June 6-12) and to help Arrhythmia Alliance spread the ‘Get to the HEART of Arrhythmias’ message.

Our CEO, Alan Foreman and Global Medical Sales Director, Mike Ferguson were in London yesterday to attend a Parliamentary Event at the Palace of Westminster as part of the awareness week.


Alan and Mike joined MPs, Professors and Cardiologists as they explored subjects such as how covid-19 is impacting on arrhythmias as well as taking a look at what’s happening elsewhere in the world and what can be done to raise international awareness of the condition.

Arrhythmia Alliance is also using the Parliamentary Event to join forces with its sister charities AF Association and STARS, to raise awareness of arrhythmias amongst more than a hundred healthcare professionals, patients and Members of Parliament.

Some arrhythmias may be harmless, however atrial fibrillation (AFib) which accounts for over 37million cases around the world, can lead to stroke, heart failure and other cardiac problems. Shockingly health experts believe that around half of those suffering with AFib are undiagnosed and therefore totally unaware. This means there are millions of people around the world totally unaware they are at a heightened risk of serious heart problems.

This is why events such as World Heart Rhythm Week are vitally important to help raise awareness and why B-Secur is always willing to help spread the message.

At B-Secur, we strive every day to save lives and help people take control of their own heart health through continuous monitoring. Our cloud based HeartKey® 2.0 technology elevates EKG interpretation to new heights of efficiency and accuracy as well as offering a range of FDA-cleared health algorithms and actionable wellness insights.

Technology such as HeartKey® 2.0 can not only help detect undiagnosed arrhythmias, but it can also help drive better outcomes for patients.