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Monday July 19th, 2021

B-Secur expands team with more critical hires

Despite the pandemic, the last year has been an exciting one for the team at B-Secur. We achieved FDA clearance, partnered with LifeQ and Maxim and won Small Tech Company of the Year. Each accomplishment demanded more from the company and before long we realised we needed to expand the team. It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to a few of our new starters:


Alicja Buchar
Project Management Lead

  • Born in Poland but visited NI in 2004
  • Experience in quality control, quality assurance, procurement management, continuous improvement, supply chain and project management.
  • 10 years experience in the food and pharma industries

What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
To cut a long story short – my role will be to listen to what our customers need, scope it out, communicate and agree the expectations and make sure the outcome is delivered timely and in scope.

This will require a lot of learning about the B-Secur service offerings, teams, technical language and our capabilities but I am truly looking forward to it. I have moved from a well-established company to an emerging, innovative one with such a potential! I am very excited about the new challenges I will face.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
B-Secur – the company name speaks for itself. It feels like home to me already. I can feel a sense of belonging. The atmosphere is very relaxed and people are approachable. It is incredible how many talented individuals we have at B-Secur! No wonder the company has been so successful.

It is very different to what I am used to – very technical and focused. I am pleased to be given time to learn and grasp how everything works here. Nowadays there is a high expectation that you will jump in and do your job from day one… but not here.


B-Secur invests time in their employees. It is like a fresh breeze and I can tell, by looking at the team, that it pays off. We have a bunch of passionate and dedicated people here!


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I am excited about the opportunity to work with so many experts and immerse myself in learning new skills. I can’t wait to take part in implementation of world class EKG algorithms for a range of uses. I truly believe that B-Secur products have a life-saving potential and I am looking forward to being part of it.


Shruti Singh
Commercial Manager

  • From Ahmedabad, a bright, colourful and food obsessed city in Gujarat, India
  • Moved to Belfast in 2021 and already experiencing the beauty of nature
  • MBA in Marketing & Strategy at Indian School of Business


What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
All my activities are driven by a common goal- to bring B-Secur’s EKG tech to partners and customers, who want to integrate EKG technology onto their devices. To achieve our commercial goals, these activities include: Engaging with customers across the globe to understand their expectations, keeping abreast with consumer trends through research, developing any new assets needed to explain our tech and providing marketing support to bring B-Secur’s EKG technology closer to the world.


In my first two days, I remember being told by many team mates, “No two days are the same at B-Secur”. Happy to be one of them now, one who feels the exact same way. No two days are the same here at B-Secur!


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
The first time I came across B-Secur was in February ’21, right after B- Secur announced their FDA 510K clearance, the first of its kind and I remember thinking to myself this is a big deal! I remember being so impressed with this small group of passionate people, based out of Belfast, who put together their heart and soul (and their superhuman brains) to build a product that is so powerful, so unique and state-of-the-art.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
B-Secur is always working towards upgrading their tech, whilst also developing a roadmap for the future. I don’t think I can ever get bored here, because we always have so many new activities happening at the same time as we scale up to uncover endless possibilities for our EKG tech.

Just before I joined, B-Secur had received its FDA clearance, a major milestone, an extremely proud moment! And today, I look forward to being a part of the B-Secur team when we achieve our next milestone!


Stacey Murray
Data Analyst

  • Biomedical Engineering graduate from Ulster University
  • Previous experience as a Technical Support Representative at Almac Clinical Technologies
  • Three years travelling and working in Melbourne, Australia


What is your role in B-Secur and what does that involve?
I started working as a Data Analyst within the Data Team at B-Secur in May 2021. The Data Team is made up of a Validation team and a Verification team. I work within the Validation team and my role involves analysing EKG data, generating reports and presenting data as well as creating and maintaining databases.

My role requires me to work alongside many other teams, so it has been a great way to meet the rest of my colleagues, especially at a time when people are working from home.


What were your first impressions of B-Secur?
I had been following B-Secur’s journey on LinkedIn for several years and knew that this was a company I wanted to join and develop my career with. Since applying for the position at B-Secur I have had nothing but positive impressions, from the passion that each employee has for their own role and the overall company goal, to the focus that B-Secur places on work-life balance and employee wellbeing.

There is an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere which allows each individual to explore their skills and find their niche.


What are you looking forward to as you settle into B-Secur life?
I’m looking forward to developing my own skills and getting more involved in company projects. I have always been interested in medical technology and am passionate about improving the lives of others.


I am thrilled to have joined the B- Secur team at such an exciting time, following the FDA clearance of our HeartKey® Library, and I am very excited to be a part of B-Secur’s future within the healthcare and med-tech sectors.


Thank you to Alicja, Shruti and Stacey for taking time to sit down with us and share their experience, knowledge and impressions of B-Secur. For more information on the rest of the team, you can catch up on our interview series: The People Behind B-Secur.