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Monday July 6th, 2020

B-Secur and LifeQ Partner on Biometrics

Best-in-class providers B-Secur (ECG) and LifeQ (PPG) announce partnership to offer integrated solution for advanced biometric applications. 

Release: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK           
B-Secur and LifeQ announced today a collaboration to offer an advanced, integrated Electrocardiogram (ECG) and optical Photoplethysmography (PPG) based technology solution. The combined offering will provide superior sensing capabilities from wearable devices and enable advanced features for identification, wellness and health monitoring in next generation everyday devices. Each company is widely recognised to feature best-in-class performance from their respective technologies, and with this collaboration device manufacturers and partners can now acquire an integrated ECG and PPG solution that combines the best of both worlds and offers potential for a new range of integrated wearables.

Currently, many wearable devices utilise PPG technologies. LifeQ’s PPG signal conditioning technologies are used by leading consumer technology companies to boost accuracy for use in business and clinical applications. The emergence of everyday ECG technology has enabled even more accurate bio-sensing solutions and technology for future product releases. Today’s announcement will speed up the integration, launch and adoption of high performance bio-sensing solutions by device manufacturers worldwide, offering advanced secure health and wellness features across a range of smartwatches and fitness trackers for consumer, business and clinical applications.



Confidence in Collaboration

Many of the technology features that are on offer through an integrated B-Secur and LifeQ solution are currently only accessible in medical environments or by the fortunate few.

“Today’s announcement will accelerate access of this type of information to everyone. We are very fortunate to find a partner in LifeQ that shares a common goal and we are confident that together we provide class-beating technologies.”
Alan Foreman, B-Secur CEO


Laurie Olivier, LifeQ CEO stated “With technology advancement and the increasing quest to improve health and wellbeing, whether to consumers, employees, employers, and even governments, the global bio-sensing market has grown exponentially in recent years.

“Events such as COVID-19 have further highlighted the importance of real time health monitoring and, specifically to make this available to everyone. We are thrilled that our partnership with B-Secur allows us to accelerate our goal of improving wellbeing and reducing the cost of good health for all in conjunction with some of the world’s leading technology companies.”