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How ECG Biometric Technology is Driving Authentication, Wellness and Health

Consumers are becoming increasingly accustomed to the convenience and personalisation of connected services and devices, and we’re not just talking about smartphones. From networked kitchen appliances to connected cars, the IoT is growing exponentially.

As more and more devices and platforms are connected to the internet, the more urgent the need for identity authentication to keep our connected world secure.

ECG (electrocardiogram) authentication is part of the next generation of biometrics, moving from external modalities to more secure internal ones. But can it do more to unlock deep data insights from our hearts?

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  • Could ECG authentication act as a catalyst to unlock deep, data-driven insights into health and wellness?
  • What could that tell us about individuals? And how, or - more saliently - should, we use these insights?
  • Crucially, if heartbeat data can go beyond telling us who individuals are to how they are at the same time, does this insight have the power to disrupt?

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