HeartKey® 2.0

Medical Technology

HeartKey® 2.0 provides breakthrough levels of medical accuracy and efficiency through enhanced signal clarity and a reduction in EKG signal noise. The cloud-based suite of FDA-cleared algorithms and analytics connect to and enhance existing platforms and devices, increasing remote monitoring capabilities through more consistent signal noise performance and providing deep health and wellness insights.

Who is HeartKey® 2.0 for?

HeartKey® 2.0 is the sweet spot between the rapidly converging consumer and medical device industries.
It is the new EKG performance standard for tech companies racing to bring next generation platforms and devices to market which has the power to ease burden on clinics and hospital departments by driving enhanced efficiencies and accuracy.

Reduces noise burden

Applying highly intelligent and adaptive signal conditioning, we have been able to generate EKG readings that are clean and accurate enough for use by medical clinicians.

Improves accuracy

We use extremely accurate Peak Detection technology, ensuring HeartKey®2.0 conducts analysis of incoming EKG to a high veracity, determining if an arrhythmia may be present.

Reduces false positives

Thanks to our EKG readings being cleaner than ever before, we have been able to massively reduce the possibility of false arrhythmia readings.

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Why HeartKey® 2.0?

Unlock the power of EKG algorithms and analytics, ready to integrate into leading devices and systems, with Heartkey.

Medical Grade Accuracy

HeartKey® 2.0 is a major breakthrough in enhancing signal clarity and reducing EKG signal noise to assist clinicians in making faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Seamless Integration

The cloud-based software provides flexibility and seamless integration into a myriad of existing platforms and devices enabling speed to market.

Elevates Existing Devices

HeartKey® 2.0 empowers devices with increased functionality and improved signal quality with no extra tech required.

Greater Efficiency

Consistent signal noise performance time with HeartKey® 2.0 enables better patient care by reducing the need for expensive repeat testing due to poor signal data.

Deeper Insights

HeartKey® 2.0 unlocks deeper insights for healthcare professionals by simultaneously tracking a range of other key EKG health and wellness metrics.

Trusted partner

HeartKey® 2.0 is FDA-cleared technology from B-Secur, a company trusted by some of the largest and most high-profile MedTech companies on the planet.

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