Following the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, reportedly the biggest ransomware outbreak in history, hitting 150 countries – it was thankful news that no firms in Northern Ireland were affected. A recent BBC NI article affirms our belief that Northern Ireland boasts considerable strength in cyber security.

Invest NI – the region’s business development agency – says Northern Ireland is the number one location in the world for cyber security inward investment and the number one global destination for US cyber security companies with an eye for international expansion.

The article also picks up on our recent interview with Connect TechWatch Editor Emily McDaid:

She has written about a start-up in Belfast, one of only two companies in the world, which uses a person’s heartbeat as a way of identification, as opposed to fingerprints or retinal scan.

Belfast has built up a strong tech community, credited to organisations such as Invest NI and the Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CIST), located at Queen’s University campus. Consequently, the City is attracting experts and industry from across the world to international conferences such as OWASP’s AppSec EU and The Seventh World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit.

TechCity’s Tech Nation 2017 report predicts the movement of many more multinationals to the City, alongside promising statistics:

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