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Friday January 28th, 2022

Interview with FAE Manager (APAC), Kevin Lu

Welcome to the first meet the people behind the B-Secur brand series interview of 2022.

Last year we shared developments in our journey to move into new global markets, including Asia and the US. We are very excited to formally introduce Kevin Lu, our FAE Manager (APAC) based in China who joined in December 2020.

In this interview, Kevin shares his first impressions of working at B-Secur, telemedicine trends from China and his predictions for HeartKey® in Asia.


Tell us a little about yourself, Kevin

Hi,  I’m Kevin, B-Secur’s FAE Manager (APAC) based in China. I’m from the North China Henan province which has many ancient capitals that are popular Chinese history tourist spots. In my spare time, I like reading, listening to music, and watching basketball and football games with my sport enthusiastic son.

Can you tell us more about your professional background?
Prior to joining B-Secur,  I had over 10 years of technical work experience, first as an R&D engineer after graduating and then as an FAE in the semiconductor industry.


What are your key responsibilities working as an FAE Manager (APAC) at B-Secur?
As an FAE manager at B-Secur, my main responsibilities are to:

  • Provide customer technical support
  • Collaborate with the internal commercial team
  • Engage with customers, and increase revenue
  • Source market information for our UK team
  • Communicate product and solution feedback to our R&D team


You’ve mentioned that China is a new market for B-Secur, what was it that attracted you to the company?
I think there are two things I valued about the opportunity in B-Secur. The first is the meaningful and interesting work itself. After so many years working on the technical side, I found the most complicated and attractive system is the human body.

I think all technology must serve people, i.e. must be human-centred. I think it is very meaningful that I can do something for human health and wellness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. B-Secur has many years of experience in cardiovascular research and is an expert in ECG technology.


“I think it is very meaningful that I can do something for human health and wellness, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. B-Secur has many years of experience in cardiovascular research and is an expert in ECG technology.”


The second is the work atmosphere here. I appreciate the flexibility and support B-Secur is offering. My voice here is valued and the people are friendly and very supportive, we always collaborate closely as a team.


How is telemedicine being used in China? E.g. Have you seen a rise in consumer acceptance in technology that supports and promotes heart health?
Telemedicine is mainly used in China in the clinical field where patients wear a Holter or ECG patch, then send data to a monitoring system for doctors to review.

Within the consumer sector, this technology is normally worn by healthy people, through smartwatches and other wearable devices. The rise in heart health features is still in the early stages because many healthy people aren’t in the routine of checking their heart health using smartwatches & telemedicine. They are mainly using the devices for exercise monitoring.


What are the biggest challenges, personally and professionally, you have faced working remotely for a Northern Irish company?

I think the biggest personal challenge is language. This is my first experience being the only person in a company that speaks Chinese. When working with colleagues, I have to translate my questions into English first and think about the cultural difference at the same time. The good news is my teammates and colleagues are very friendly and supportive, which is helpful for me to overcome this challenge.

The biggest professional challenge I have met is gaining medical knowledge because I do not have a background in this sector but with the support of B-Secur’s experts, I am learning a lot.


B-Secur has big plans to break into the Asian market, where do you see your role taking you in 2022 and beyond?
Yes, B-Secur has exciting plans for the Asian market, especially in China. Personally, I think I can help in the following ways:

  • Support the ongoing and future ODM projects and product development in Asia. We all know China is the world’s largest ODM/OEM region for overseas brands and markets. There are even some R&D centres located in China. I need to make sure these customers & projects are well supported.
  • Promote and engage with local customers, providing Chinese market insights.
  • Take part in related algorithm development, especially the validation phase, to make sure our algorithms are also suitable in Asia, providing test and evaluation feedback.