At B-Secur, we’ve always believed that our future is only as bright as our people, so we’re delighted with the news that our Chief Scientific Officer Alan Kennedy has formally received his PhD from the University of Ulster.

Alan is an award-winning researcher in biomedical/medical engineering, with accolades including First Prize in the Young Investigator Competition from the Stafford Warren Symposium on Myocardial Ischemia and the John RE Scott Postgraduate Student of the Year from the University of Ulster, recognising academic achievement.

We caught up with Alan to learn more about his passion for the subject, what he is currently focused on in B-Secur and why scientific credibility is crucial for young tech businesses.

Congratulations on your doctoral conferment Alan! Do we have to call you Dr Alan from now on?

"Thanks, and yes, I am currently working internally to ensure this is stated in our employee handbook and enforced across the company!"

Tell us more about your PhD subject, and about your doctoral thesis.

"My doctorate was on the automated computerised detection of cardiac arrhythmias from the electrocardiogram. My work focusing on an arrhythmia called Atrial Fibrillation which is difficult to detect from the ECG and if left untreated is one of the leading causes of strokes worldwide."

You’re currently B-Secur’s Chief Scientific Officer. How would you describe what you do for the business?

"As B-Secur’s Chief Scientific Officer I am responsible for the scientific strategy of the company along with the scientific research and development of our ECG algorithms."

Have you always had an interest in biomedical engineering?

"From a young age I can remember being interested in technology, but it wasn’t until I reached university did I realise I could apply my interest for technology to the medical field to develop new medical devices and technology."

How did you find managing your research commitments with your role at B-Secur?

"It is challenging to remain an active part of the research however I am still finding time to present and attend local and international conferences to remain up to date with the latest research and also publish some of B-Secur's interesting research findings."

Dr Alan Kennedy, B-Secur

We have another ambitious set of growth and investment goals to hit this year. How does the work of the scientific and research teams support those?

"Within the research and scientific teams at B-Secur we support investment and commercial activities through creation of product demos, scientific white papers and other pieces of content which allow our commercial team to bring our technology to life and demonstrate our capability.

"We also, through our research activities, are constantly developing new algorithm approaches to differentiate our algorithms from those already in the marketplace."

Making Research the Backbone of Real-World Algorithms

The scientific work conducted at B-Secur is fundamental to our technology development and serves as the backbone to our ECG algorithms. At B-Secur we are translating research findings into robust real-world algorithms.
Dr Alan Kennedy

What are you currently working on?

"Currently I am doing research into the effect of sleep on the day-to-day management of stress and fatigue."

Do you have any further personal academic goals to reach for?

"Yes, I most definitely have a number of research goals I would like to accomplish. I am currently focusing on the publication of a number of papers in high impact journals including Nature, Circulation and IEEE transactions.

"In the long term I also have ambitions to open the B-Secur Research and Development Laboratory focused on the design and development of cutting edge next generation scientific products, allowing for our technology to constantly stay ahead of the curve."

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