Passwords and pin numbers are soon to be obsolete, as supported by the findings in Forrester's recent research into biometrics solutions.

Adoption of mobile-friendly biometrics will kill the password.

Forrester's report TechRadar™: Biometric Authentication, Q1 2017 explains why biometric authentication can help businesses move away from passwords, noted as "the industry's least user-friendly method" of authentication.

Investigating the most prominent biometric categories, ECG is shown to hold promise with wearables, with B-Secur featuring as a vendor frequently cited by the research participants.

B-Secur is focused on developing sensing, algorithm, security and integration solutions for other companies’ products, and wearables represent a key market for us, with applications across sectors from access control to health and fitness monitoring. No other biometric can combine authentication, health and wellness potential to give insight into a person’s state as they attempt to authenticate on a device or a system.

Our solutions-based strategy, driving a license model as our commercial business plan, offers flexibility, convenience and huge cost savings to our customers.

Increasing interest within the health and wellness wearable space will bring ECG authentication to wearable devices, with the added functionality of being able to monitor stress levels or even mood sure to engage the employer, doctor and consumer alike. We think will be a big space for potential growth in the future.

To access the full report, visit the Forrester website.

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