FinTech is one of the fastest growing areas for venture capitalists, with biometrics becoming an integral technology component.

While big brands are certainly taking interest; Mastercard has announced of successful trials of biometric payment cards in Africa, credit is given to enterprising start-ups for really pushing FinTech innovation and it is predicted that the biometric cards market, especially in application to payments is set to boom.

Financial IT has collated a definitive list of the 50 most promising start-ups in order to gain a clearer insight into how the FinTech universe will appear in three years time.

Mobile banking and payments appears to be the main focus of the numerous (mainly small) FinTech companies that have raised funds – from a surprisingly diverse variety of backers – over the last three years.

Having developed an authentication solution infinitely more secure than passwords, pincodes and even fingerprints, B-Secur has been placed at number 23 in the Pathfinder rankings. Utilising a person’s unique heartbeat electrical wave, B-Secur can authenticate a card owner against a stored profile, with minimal hardware requirements.

Our Electrocardiogram (ECG) biometric technology solution boasts several advantages over other modalities, such as fingerprint technology as employed in Mastercard’s trials and this was recently recognised at the FSTech Awards where we won the award for the most disruptive financial sector technology.

Head to Financial IT’s website to access a digital version of the Financial IT Magazine featuring the 2016/2017 Pathfinder Rankings.

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