Access – How Can We Control It?


When we think about accessibility, we consider the improvement of products, services or environments so that more people can benefit, and quite rightly.

Access Control on the other hand, is controlling access to information or an environment in the interests of security and privacy. We’re all used to access control measures that look to verify our identity to allow us access to data or services, from a password protected email account to the smart card that allows you access to your hotel room or office block.

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Shaping an Automotive Future

gear stick

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Biometrics Contributing to Growth of Access Control Market

Biometric office access controls

The access control market is growing as new innovations emerge, including advancements in biometric authentication, and IoT integration.

One of the most common reasons businesses are subject to data breaches is due to ineffective access control, vital as a measure to prevent confidential data loss to hackers, but also when businesses are increasingly undergoing transformational changes in structures and processes and with new or shifting staff.

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