Car HMi is Europe's leading automotive HMI UX event, bringing together leaders in the technical and design fields for automotive HMI and UX development, which took place in Berlin, June 27-29.

We were delighted to attend the event with our partners Analog Devices offering live demos of our ECG biometric technology in action in the space.

We've worked with ADI to create a powerful new automotive application - integrating our technology into the steering wheel of a car for amazing new safety and security features, with vital health data unlocked.

With a simple touch, the car becomes a sophisticated health monitor.

Read our latest article to learn more about the response to our technology and what we learned about the future of driving.

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Authentication and driver wellness data, in a heartbeat

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Woman holding steering wheel embedded with ECG biometrics

White Paper: ECG Biometrics for the Connected Car

We've partnered with research and consulting company Goode Intelligence (GI) to explore how ECG biometric technology is being deployed in the automotive space in a range of uses that include identification, authentication and health, wellness and wellbeing.

Get insights including:

  • Latest automotive biometric applications
  • Expert analysis and market developments
  • B-Secur's role in the space
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We partner with leading device and product manufacturers to embed ECG biometrics for your competitive edge. Get in touch to explore how we can help you get ahead.