Advances in gesture interfaces, though incremental, are bringing natural human-machine interactions a step closer. Technology strategic planners wanting to differentiate their products must plan for early adoption.

The summary of Gartner's report Cool Vendors in Human-Machine Interface, 2017 highlights the advances of the past year, alluding to the truly disruptive technologies that are sure to proliferate the market.

Gartner is the world’s leading research and advisory body and produces a prestigious yearly report highlighting the best in disruptive and innovative technologies across the globe.

It's a great testament to the strength of B-Secur's ECG technology and our investment in the next generation of biometric authentication that we are named a cool vendor for the second year running in the 'Human-Machine Interface' category.

The report reviews the breadth of applications and industries that ECG biometric authentication can be applied to, placing B-Secur's strength in collaboration with "best-of-breed players" in their respective industries, from fintech, health and wellness, and building access control.

Going beyond authentication, our patented ECG technology enables monitoring of an individual's health and wellness, with an understanding of stress, anxiety and fatigue an increasingly important consideration for both employers and employees.

Detailing the rise of false authentication rates (FAR) and false rejection rates (FRR) offered by alternative biometric modalities, the report enforces the opportunity for B-Secur's ECG biometric technology to be leveraged by technology product managers across the board.

Learn more about the latest advances and download the Gartner report.

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