ECG Biometrics at a Touch

We’re connecting the human body to data and technology in new and impactful ways

Keeping Watch with a Simple Touch

Integrating our ECG algorithms into a wrist-worn wearable device for fast authentication and valuable health monitoring

ECG Biometrics for Health and Fitness

Getting to the Heart of Health Monitoring

Get deep health and wellness monitoring insights

Monitor the electrical activity of the heart for greater data insights, including:

  • BPM
  • Stress levels
  • Fatigue

Wearable Convenience

Authenticate payments for cyber-secure transactions

Access devices from laptops to smartphones

Secure buildings and physical access control

Track Fitness Performance

Accurate heart rate performance metrics

Identify stress and fatigue factors

Monitor HRV (heart rate variability)

Prevent injury and inform personalised fitness goals

Driving the Future of Travel

Learn how we're enhancing the driving experience with ECG biometrics for stress, fatigue and driver drowsiness monitoring