Securing Industry

Our ECG technology is helping organisations deliver physical access control with health data monitoring

Securing Our World

Protecting our physical spaces has never been more necessary. 

Our ECG biometric technology can be built into a range of smartwear, that can continuously authenticate identity in high risk areas, from airports to construction sites

Securing Industry in a Heartbeat

B Secur ECG biometric smartshirt

Securing People and Organisations at High Risk

We've embedded our ECG biometric algorithms into a modal that can be built into clothing for fast, seamless authentication

  • Continuous authentication, for ultimate security
  • Perfect for high security environments
  • No keycards, no fingerprints - fast authentication for sensitive, changing environments

Heart Monitoring for  Enhanced Safety

Our ECG smartwear gives vital health monitoring for employees in high risk situations

Make strategic decisions with data on:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • BPM
  • Major cardiac event monitoring

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