ECG Biometrics in the Automotive Space

We're using heart biometrics to enhance the safety and experience of in-car travel

B-Secur biometric car use case

Steering the Future of Travel

With ECG biometric security embedded into a vehicle’s steering wheel, drivers get secure authentication and vital health monitoring

Enhancing Driver Safety and Security in a Heartbeat

Automotive biometrics with B-Secur

ECG Vehicle Biometrics

Seamlessly authenticate a driver to enhance the in-car experience

  • Driver authentication
  • Secure, keyless driver ignition
  • Load a personalised driving environment to transform the driving experience
Automotive biometrics | B-Secur

Beyond Authentication to Driver Safety

Our embedded ECG technology also unearths vital data about a driver's physical state.

Enhance safety with insights into:

  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Cardiac risks


With driver identity secured and health data extracted, the in-car experience can be tailored

  • Pre-load an individual's preferred settings
  • Adjust car ambience
  • Potential to connect devices and payment methods

Securing the Industrial IoT

B-Secur's smartwear is transforming safety and security of high-risk industrial settings