Our Applications

Our solutions are powerful and flexible, using the ECG signal which can be detected at multiple points across the body, such as the fingers, chest or wrist using multiple conductive materials. We license our ECG algorithms to a range of partners, creating bespoke solutions based on security and health data monitoring. 

Securing Identity at a Touch

Our ECG biometric technology embedded into a wrist device delivers the security and fitness data, at the touch of a fingertip


Steering the Future of Driving

With ECG sensors embedded into a steering wheel, we're transforming the driving experience for safety, security and personalisation, powered by biometrics


Securing Industry

From airport security to construction sites, our ECG biometric algorithms embedded into smart clothing protect your organisation and your people at the heart


Get in Touch

With potential for multiple applications of ECG biometric technology, get in touch to find out how we can help you