The access control market is growing as new innovations emerge, including advancements in biometric authentication, and IoT integration.

One of the most common reasons businesses are subject to data breaches is due to ineffective access control, vital as a measure to prevent confidential data loss to hackers, but also when businesses are increasingly undergoing transformational changes in structures and processes and with new or shifting staff.

The latest report from IHS Markit on Electronic Access Control predicts 6.8% global growth in 2017. While fingerprint recognition remains the industry standard for biometric readers, facial recognition looks set to increasingly contest iris recognition, due in part due to the ease of install, but also attributed to concerns over damage to the eye with iris recognition.

At B-Secur we are continuing to invest in ECG biometric authentication, as one of the most secure and robust internal biometrics available, and predict internal biometrics will disrupt the market in 2017.

According toPersistence Market Research’s forthcoming report Iris Biometrics Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015 – 2021, a rising demand for authentication and extensive support from the government is fuelling the growth in the market.

the use of biometric recognition in E-commerce and setting up of a hosted security system on cloud are expected to attract new and existing players towards growing trend in security and authentication. Additionally, the players in this market are expected to deploy multimodal biometric recognition systems

In addition to health concerns around iris recognition, it is sited that high costs and fears of privacy disturbance are potential deterrents to adoption, as well as technical issues regarding the compatibility with existing systems and time required to develop the system, all posing challenges to the growth of the market.

With ECG being an internal biometric to the body, dynamic, utilising a live signal for both liveness detection and accuracy and not requiring expensive equipment, ECG biometric authentication offers incredible flexibility and the opportunity for a highly-secure and cost-effective access control solution.

The strength of our technology lies in developing enterprise solutions that fit into many current and future applications across multiple industry sectors.

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