With the high-level security offered by biometric technology, it is no surprise that airports all over the world are itching to implement it.

SITA’s Airline IT Trends Survey 2016 reports a 37% increase in the priority levels of IT security, with a third of the top 200 carriers surveyed revealing that they are looking to invest in single biometric travel token projects.

The single biometric travel token is expected to become a viable alternative to current passenger identity processes.

Furthermore, this industry renowned report reveals an increased investment in outsourcing and external suppliers as opposed to internal IT departments, this no doubt reflects the demand for increasingly sophisticated security measures to combat identity fraud.

With 80% of airlines planning to upgrade their passenger management system, there is a need to look beyond first generation biometrics including fingerprint, voice and iris which are now commonplace, to a more secure infrastructure.

B-Secur’s ECG biometric technology represents the next generation, using each individual’s unique heart pattern to quickly and securely verify identity, offering one of the most secure and robust internal biometrics currently available and a valuable solution to future security threats.

SITA’s findings reveal the Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic for discussion right now with 68% of airlines committing budgets to major projects or research and development over the next three years.

You can download the full report from SITA’s website. 

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