The proliferation in mobile technology has fundamentally changed the way we work and live at incredible speed, in a short space of time.

It’s estimated that by 2020, we could be seeing up to 75 million devices connected to the Internet.

Consumers have more choice, information and power in their hands than ever before, making important purchasing decisions long before their interactions with businesses.

To keep up, businesses must innovate to deliver the sleek, mobile experiences that customers demand.

Adapting existing systems and infrastructure to keep up with this demand is a challenge but it’s one that your business must meet to stay ahead of the curve.

The Data Security Explosion

With mobile innovation happening at such speed, it’s clear a connected world is not only one of enormous potential but one facing an impending threat – data security.

Individual and organisations’ data generation levels are now higher than they’ve ever been.


CSC reveals that data generation at its current levels is set to grow by 4300% annually by 2020 – an astonishing increase.

The challenge now is ensuring that your company, employee and customer data is safely and securely stored and managed.

The Rise of Biometrics

New technologies are being created in response to this threat, both to negate data security risk and improve the digital customer experience. Biometric authentication is one of the fastest-growing solutions.

It is estimated that by 2020, biometrics will be used to authenticate almost 65% of all mCommerce transactions. Other estimates indicate that the global biometrics technology market will reach $22bn by 2020.

Second-generation biometric authentication options are rapidly entering the mainstream, with adoption from major technology players. These include iris, facial recognition and fingerprint options, most notably Apple’s Touch ID.

Biometric authentication is growing in trust among consumers, as passwords and PINs impede the customer experience and trust in their effectiveness continues to decline – more than three-quarters of consumers in a recent Accenture survey indicated they were ready to move beyond passwords.

Even as biometric authentication moves to the mainstream, next level solutions are being developed.

ECG Biometric Authentication

Welcome to the next generation in biometrics – ECG-powered authentication.

Our ECG biometric technology reads an individual’s unique heartbeat pattern through their fingertips to verify a user’s identity. Not only is ECG verification internal and therefore much harder to defraud, it creates a quick and seamless customer experience.

The range of applications for business are limitless:

  • Financial transactions – securing payments and financial transactions, data and identity
  • Mobile – integration into OEM products, developing next-generation user and employee network access and authentication
  • Automotive – next-generation vehicle access and engine ignition opportunities, supporting driver wellbeing, monitoring and management
  • Building and physical access – improving secure access for office buildings, banks, government buildings, hospitals, airports
  • Government and state – security guaranteed opportunities for healthcare, security services and military

The evidence is clear – it’s time to protect your business from the heart.

If ECG biometric authentication could the key to protecting your business, get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help.

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