This week has been a particularly busy one in the field of biometrics, with Biometrics 2015 taking place, plus some other interesting updates.

Catch up on the week with a few of our highlights.

Biometrics 2015

Biometrics Live is an annual three day conference bringing together speakers, thinkers and doers in the field of biometrics. Showcasing the latest innovations in biometric solutions for government and commercial applications, we followed some interesting discussions under the #Biometrics2015 stream.

Key discussions centred around:

  • Identity theft concerns
  • Governmental investment in biometrics
  • The need to perfect implementation of biometric solutions
  • Need to gain consumer trust
  • Widening biometrics to all customer groups
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Apple Patents Biometrics for MacBook

Apple continues to reveal itself as a major biometrics adopter with the news it has patented its Touch ID biometric fingerprint sensor for implementation into a future MacBook.

The patent application reveals the “finger sensing apparatus may include a finger sensor including an integrated circuit (IC) substrate, an array of finger sensing elements on the IC substrate, and match circuitry on the IC substrate for performing final finger matching.”

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Biometrics, Payments and Banking

An interesting panel on privacy in biometric banking took place this week in London. Hosted by the European Alliance for Biometrics and IBM, the event focuses on exploring the threats and opportunities of integrating biometrics solutions into financial services.

Biometrics in Banking and Payments’ examined biometrics for banking and payments three levels: the strategic, regulatory level, the key drivers in modern banking and payment practices and the implementations of end user innovations.

The event evidences how deeply biometrics is permeating the financial services industry and why banks needs to do more, not just to understand the opportunity, but to invest in biometric payment solutions and their successful implementation.

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