The Next Generation of Biometric Authentication


The world has gone digital, by 2020 the number of connected devices is set to reach 50 billion, today the average person uses 27 passwords to manage their life, and with each new innovation arriving more quickly than the last, the threat of hacking and fraud increases the need for robust identity verification critical. 

The first generation of external biometrics opened the door to harnessing what makes us unique, but now you can verify your identity with something harder to access, something inside us all.

Introducing B-Secur the next generation of biometric authentication where your heartbeat is the key. 

Imagine what that means for the world, more secure payments and online credentials more secure access to restricted areas in the workplace, making airports hospitals, schools, offices, public buildings, and even cars safer places to be.

More confident health monitoring and identification of patients. 

That world is here – we are B-Secur. 

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