Multimodal Biometrics – Why Your Heart is Key

Wearable device on wrist

While automated biometric authentication solutions are relatively recent advancements, the desire to identify others by physical attributes is an innate human instinct. We’ve been using faces, voices and gait to distinguish between those we know and those we don’t since our earliest recorded history.

From this, to how our physicality interacts with technology today is an impressive journey.

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The Cybersecurity Lesson in the Equifax Data Breach

Data on a screen

One of the largest data breaches ever recorded was revealed this week, as credit company Equifax announced it had fallen victim to a cyber attack that may have compromised the personal data of a staggering 143 million US customers.

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B-Secur Hits the Headlines for Investment Announcement

B-Secur ECG

Following our recent investment announcement, we’ve been excited to see how the news has travelled far and wide.

We’ve had support from some prestigious media outlets, including the BBC, Financial Times and TechCrunch, among others.

Read on to recap on our investment story and the best of our coverage and interviews.

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